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What We Do

We create and print direct mail postcards for churches and then mail them out to homes in your area. You decide where to mail, who to mail to and how much to spend. Our church postcards can be used to invite new visitors to worship with you, reach new movers in the area or promote a special event. More >

Church Outreach Postcard Advertising

Low Cost, Low Quantity Mailings

We specialize in affordable, low quantity post card mailings for churches. If you have a limited budget but have important news to share, a low cost postcard mailing is a great way to get your message heard... More >

Why We're Better...

Our neighborhood church outreach postcard mailings offer better value, better performance and better results than any other church marketing service. Here's why:

  1. Low Cost, Full Turnkey Pricing: You don't need a special non-profit mailing permit to get our super-low, non-profit rates. Our pricing is all inclusive: design, printing, mailing list (with ample demographic and geographic selections), addressing and postage.

  2. Flexible demographic and geographic targeting: Looking to reach families with children in a specific neighborhood in your area? No problem. We can reach your preferred audience using a number of demographic variables. You can also reach families in certain ZIP codes, using a mileage radius, map boundaries or even by selecting specific neighborhoods within your community.
  3. 100% Deliverability Guarantee: Get a refund for each piece that could not be delivered by the Post Office.
  4. Premium Full Color Printing: Our postcards are printed on a real printing press, with a high gloss finish - they demand attention right out of the mail box. Don’t settle for low quality digital printing that is easily damaged in the mail.